Abiding with God

Abiding In God As A Safe Place

He is all we need.

Three years ago when I got my new little kitty from the shelter, she was terrified. She would flinch when I would try to pet her and the first two days she spent hidden behind a bookcase. I made a point the first two days she was home to go into the room where she was hiding and just sit there. Allow her to get used to my smell and my presence and my voice. I was trying to draw her to me for her to realize she was safe. She was loved. She was home.

Eventually, on the third day, she came out and walked toward me, and then took some steps back. I continued to lovingly speak to her and call her to me, and she would come closer. She eventually would place a paw on my leg, allow me to pet her head, and then retreat back. She obviously had been through some trauma, and was not sure if I was safe.

She felt safer being alone and hidden, than resting with her new loving mama. I continued to have patience with her and draw her to me with a kind and loving voice, and provide for her and her needs. Which at the time was medication to heal and feel better, food she could eat whenever she wanted, as well as a loving touch.

Eventually, she realized how good it felt to rest and abide with her mama. When she was close to me, she would purr and knead her paws letting me know she felt safe and loved. There are still times she will corner herself in the room with her ears back and stay away from me. But when I call to her, she will come and once again be so relaxed she will lay in my lap asleep. She feels safe and loved when she abides close to her mama.

To abide means to continually receive, believe, and trust.

How often do we act like my cat did? Taking some steps toward God and then retreating and then taking some steps closer and then retreating? To abide in the Lord means we continually receive, believe, and trust Jesus is everything we need. He too, is patient and calling us to Him reminding us He is a loving friend, Savior and Lord.

Reminding us through Him we can abide with our Father God, who is also safe, He’ll provide for our needs and love us unconditionally. Even when we’re scared, lonely, or screw up. Just like my little kitty, Mia discovered her mama had only the best intentions and love for her.

So does our Father God. Over and over in His word, He shares with us He will provide and guide. If we commit our way to Him and if we trust and follow Him. He can redeem any and all screw ups. And we all screw up.

I am aware this world does not feel like a safe place many days. Constant news about school shootings, murders and suburbs that were supposedly safe. Thieves, not just in person but virtually makes it hard to feel like there is a sanctuary to feel safe. But there is if you know Jesus.

And even if you don’t, you can call on Him. You can call on God and He will hear you. He will be there. We can abide in the safest place of all. Resting in the care of our ultimate, loving Father God, and His son Jesus who provided the way. He wants only what’s best for you my friend, so remember, He’s a safe place. Ask Him to help you see it today.

Blessings to you from Susan and Mia the grumpy Persian cat.


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