Abiding with God

Just Hold On In The Storm

Even when you can’t see light

Recently, I was driving home and I knew we were supposed to get some storms, but I was not prepared for the deluge of rain that came upon me as I tried to finish up my errands.

I ran into Michael’s to look for a flower and upon leaving, had to make a mad dash to the car. The rain drops were those big, heavy, gushing drops of rain, and the wind was the kind which makes you feel like you’re going to be Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

I got in my car and turned on the wipers and headed home, and though it was windy and pouring, I could still see. It was a storm, but it had not brought me to a complete halt. Yet as soon as I got on the highway, the clouds opened up and buckets upon buckets of rain dumped down.

I went from 60 miles an hour down to about 30 and I became the good old 90 year old grandma driving hunched over the steering wheel (with a death grip) trying to see just enough in front of me to keep going because I wasn’t in a place to pull off.

I had to endure the storm and just keep going at a slower pace. Everything was dark and my view of the world was no more than a couple feet in front of the car. I couldn’t even hardly see the road, let alone any kind of light or relief up ahead. Plus, I couldn’t even look to see if there was light because I was in the storm so deep and it was so strong. I just kept praying, “God help me get home. God just help me get home safe.”

Then, as suddenly and as quickly as it started. it stopped. I mean stopped, like one second I am in it and then next second I’m driving on dry ground in complete light. Just like that —the storm ended, but until I got to the light I couldn’t see there was light up ahead.

And how often is life like that? You may be in a storm, but it’s not too bad or you may be in a storm which is so bad you can barely see the next step you’re going to take. You’re just holding on to God and trusting He is going to carry you through and try to trust this storm won’t last forever.

However, you have no idea when it will end, and you can’t even focus on when it might end because the storm is so strong you are just barely taking the next step. You are just holding on for dear life.

Then, one day it’s over. You can now look back and see how God brought you through. I’ve endured countless storms in this life I never thought would end, and yet they have, and God is redeeming it all. I just had to hold onto Jesus because when I didn’t, I almost left this world where God still had work for me.

Hold on in the storm. Hold onto Jesus. Even if you can’t feel it. Even if you don’t feel like you have the strength to hold on, let Him hold on for you. Just hold onto Jesus.

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Looking for more encouragement? Stay tuned for my upcoming devotional, releasing in June about embracing the journey and living in the joy of Christ. I’m excited to share it with you.

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