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Abiding with God

Are You Thirsty?

Where will you quench your thirst?

A few years ago I went to an appointment and I forgot my water bottle. I usually take my water bottle everywhere. As I was sitting in the office, it was really warm and I was incredibly thirsty. As typical for doctors’ appointments they were behind and I was waiting over an hour.

I was so incredibly thirsty I thought about sticking my head under the faucet in the room. Instead of embarrassing myself, I finally stepped out of the room and asked for a glass of water. A nurse brought some to me and I drank the entire thing right off.

Refilling my cup in the room sink (which I decided was less embarrassing then sticking my mouth under it, like my cat would) I drank more and yet I was still thirsty. The water was warm and because I had gone so long without filling my body with what would hydrate me, I was not satisfied. My body was not satisfied. I had not been continually going back to the source which would satisfy my body and hydrate me.

This morning, as I was reading in John chapter 4 about the Samaritan woman at the well, God revealed to me I do this with a lot of things in life. I seek to fill my “thirst“ with things which don’t satisfy instead of continually going back to the source which will quench my thirst.

Whether it be scrolling and liking on social media, food or busyness, nothing satisfies me except for one thing. The only thing which satisfies me where I am no longer “thirsty“ – is Jesus.

He is the only way to get our desires filled. Because when He fills your desires, they are His desires He has placed in you.

Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman was in itself a show of love and grace because women were viewed as property in this region, but yet Jesus had compassion on her. She asked Jesus how He was going to get water since He had nothing to draw it out of the well.

Jesus’ answer to her was, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I should give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will be come in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:13–14.

If you know Jesus, you have Him inside you to fulfill your ultimate thirst. You don’t have to fill it anywhere else and if you try, it will never be fully satisfying. You can drink and drink and still be thirsty. I do this, and have done this so many times in my life. I have looked for satisfaction of my deep thirst in food, acceptance from others, my job, my accomplishments, and more. Yet God gently reminds me there is only one way to satisfy my thirst.

Him, and Him alone.

It’s simple, and yet we make it complicated.

I have to remind myself to continually come back to the Source. To abide in my true Father to truly fulfill my thirst.

How are you going to satisfy your thirst today?

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Looking for more encouragement? Stay tuned for my upcoming devotional, releasing this summer about embracing the journey and living in the joy of Christ. I’m excited to share it with you.

6 comments on “Are You Thirsty?

  1. Linda M Ellis

    WOW… so needed this reminder! Thanks for listening to HIM and telling us.

  2. Gay Beth Bingham

    Your post is spot-on, Susan! This is the problem with our world today, so many lost souls are striving to quench their thirst in such destructive ways, instead of in Living Water. Thank you for such wonderful insight!

  3. Samantha Compton

    I needed this today, Susan. Thank you!❤️ Beautifully expressed!

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