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Everyday Miracles

Do you see them?

We tend to think miracles are these huge examples of things which could never happen. I firmly believe God took five loaves and two fish and fed thousands, and that He can heal you instantly with no medical explanation.

However, I realized today I walk through life overlooking the everyday miracles. The “God things” as we called them in my youth group.

To start, how about the fact none of us are flying around and we all are firmly planted because of gravity? The other everyday miracles I feel like we overlook include healing. Your healing can be miraculous, even if it’s not instantaneous. The fact you are healing from something, whether it be an “actual” visible medical body condition or whether it’s struggles with depression, or anxiety. Healing from those is still miraculous. The fact we can recover, and God can use it is a miracle.

I tend to get weighed down with the struggles of life and the day to day like we all face as we’re climbing mountains. As we are going through valleys. Then I forget about not just the big miracles, but the other miracles God has done in my life.

The fact He saved me not just from myself when I tried to take my life, but during the same hospital stay, saved me from an almost fatal pulmonary embolism, which would not have been found had I not been in the hospital from trying to take my life.

What about the things God provides for you day to day? The food someone saw at the store and knew you liked so they gave it to you. The strength you didn’t think you had to get through the day, but God provided. How do we not see those as miracles? Because we can’t do them in our own strength, it’s only through the power of God and His Holy Spirit.

What other everyday miracles are we overlooking?

The simple prayer you prayed this morning which was just answered.

What miracles are we overlooking that we don’t even know about? What accident did God save you from? What could have happened in the accident you were in, but didn’t happen?

I want to thank God today for the everyday miracles. For the things I don’t see, and for the things that I do, but I overlook. For His provision, for His strength, and for His guidance.

I am thankful I serve a God who loves us so much He provides all kinds of miracles. I pray I open my eyes to them more often today. How about you?

Listen to this great song called “It’s a God Thing” by Anne Wilson.

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