God and Sexual Assault

Feeling Abandoned

Did God allow it?

Do you feel God left you and turned his back on you when you were abused or assaulted? I blamed Him for allowing it for many years. I was mad and angry at Him and one day I told my counselor God didn’t care because He allowed it to happen. “God abandoned me”, I said.

Instead of trying to convince me otherwise he encouraged me to pray about it and ask God to show me the truth.

It did not happen overnight, but I did eventually see that God was not gone, but He was crying and broken about what I endured, and He was there to pick me up and carry me through recovering from it.

He hurts when we are hurt by sin, and He sent Jesus to bridge the sin gap we as humans created, but yet how can a loving God allow the horror we endured?

I wish I could tell you that He didn’t and have you believe me. To tell you He actually loves you so much that He hurts as a Father that you were hurt.

He does, but I can’t convince you of it. That is something you will have to take to Him and ask for an answer. Then, seek His word and listen to those that seek Him and God will begin to show you the truth.

I only came to understand this by seeking God and asking Him to help me see the truth. Satan wanted otherwise. Satan would love to convince you that God left you. Just as John 10:10 says that Satan is, “a thief that comes to steal kill and destroy.”

Satan tries to do this by using people to do evil and then placing these lies in our head that God caused it when it was Satan. It’s actually a spiritual battle going on all around us. Satan’s goal is to keep everyone from God.

I don’t want your trauma to keep you from God and neither does God. I pray it will instead bring you closer to Him and that is what God wants too. He longs to help you through it and provide you the love and strength you need.

Remember, as one of my favorite verses says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 

I love this song that I came across recently. It reminds me how good God is and what He has brought me through. (Just as Good)

If you don’t know Him please look up this blog. It will be the most important decision you ever make! Then, you will begin to see that God never abandoned you. Blessing to you my friends!

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