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Are You Embracing the Journey?

Walking each day with God.

I realized something this morning as I was spending my time with God.

God goes with us wherever we go if we’ve trusted in Jesus and are now God’s child. As I look back over the years I’ve been recovering, I remember times I wasn’t excited about the journey that I was being taken on because it was incredibly painful emotionally, and draining physically.

I couldn’t see the light up ahead, and I was so focused on the darkness, and honestly in my misery, that I wasn’t looking at the journey.

What I know now is that as I look into the future, which honestly, I’m trying not to do too much, I can get excited about the future even though I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can get excited about it because of Who I get to go with and Who is walking and guiding me along the way. God!

God promises that if we know Him as our Father, He’s never going to leave us or forsake us, and He above all knows the plans He has for us.

This all really hit home because God had given me the word “embrace” for this year. Am I embracing the journey because of WHO I get to walk this journey with, or am I just trying to get to the next moment as fast as possible?

As look into the future now, instead of imagining all the horrible things I think could happen (like I used to), such as living under a bridge if my business does not succeed….I can look into the future. remembering God is by my side, and actually in front of me leading the way. I need to embrace the future and the journey God has for me.

I can get excited that I get to go with Him and that He knows my desires above anyone else. If I looked back years ago, I would not have even considered doing what I’m doing now, helping students that have dyslexia, but I absolutely love what I get to do!

I get to watch students take a journey where they are struggling and guide them along a path where they have the tools to be better readers and writers and realize the gifts God has given them. I get to go on a journey with them, leading, guiding, and encouraging them, and taking them to places they never dreamed were possible.

Which is the same thing God does with each of us. He will lead and guide and take us places we never dreamed possible, and because of that we can get excited for the journey no matter what it may hold!

There may be tears, sorrow, or pain, but we get to do it with God! We know that one day in heaven there will be no more tears, sorrow, or pain because of His ultimate gift of His son for each of us. That gets me excited and makes this journey to healing on earth worth it!

As I’ve stated before with my vision for recovery, “Our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us in eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” 2 Corinthians 4:17.

Let me ask you what I asked myself today. Are you excited about the journey because you get to go with a God who loves you beyond measure? No matter what that journey may hold? Are you focusing on the things that could or might go wrong or choosing to be grateful for what you have already been given- which is above all the precious gift of Jesus?

Today I’m choosing this:

Father God,

We come before you today and ask that you continue to guide and walk with us into the future, but to also remember to stay in the moment where you’re guiding and leading. Remind us we can get excited about each day and the future that you have for us because You are going with us.

Thank you for leading and guiding, and ultimately giving us the hope through Jesus that this world is not our home and one day we will be with you forever and ever!

In Jesus name,


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