God and Sexual Assault

Who Are You?

How do you answer this quesiton?

I am acutely aware of the negativity we place on ourselves as trauma survivors. I still struggle with seeing who I really am, and accepting myself as I was created. We all just want to be accepted and feel accepted.

But what I have found as God has been redeeming my life, is what this means overall for who I am. I was watching the movie, “Overcomer” this weekend, and in the movie one of the characters asks the younger girl, “Who are you?“

Just like the character, I looked up Ephesians 1-2, where we can all learn who we are in Christ. The moment I chose to follow Jesus, and if you have done the same, the following are all true about each of us.

You are blessed.

You are chosen.

You are without blame.

You are adopted as a son or daughter of God through Jesus Christ.

You have been given grace.

You have been given mercy.

You are accepted.

You are redeemed.

You are forgiven.

You are sealed with the Holy Spirit, and that secures your eternal life in heaven.

You are made alive in Christ.

You are saved by grace.

You are loved by a merciful God and will be raised up to sit with Him in heaven one day.

You have His peace.

You are not a stranger to God.

For Such A Time As This

In a world where so many of us are craving to fit in, once you accept Christ you do have a place that is secure and where you belong. God has chosen you whether you believe it or not, and He’s waiting for you to accept all He has for you, which includes everything listed above.

It includes an amazing acceptance and love that you’re craving from humans, but that they cannot fulfill. I promise you that if you ask God to be your Father He will accept you with arms open wide and a love that is impossible to comprehend here on earth. If you never have, find out how here.

You are loved, and God wants you to heal, and He wants you to experience all He has for you. It’s my prayer that you will begin to see who you are in Christ.

How do you answer the question….”Who are you?”

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