God and Sexual Assault

Being Known

Hard but worth it.

In follow up to what I shared in my post yesterday (click here to read it) before continuing.

It is hard to be known. To be vulnerable to others. To share what you have been through. We tend to feel shame for what we experienced as if it was our fault. We then feel shame for how we did or didn’t deal with that trauma.

That shame makes it hard to share and feel “known” by others. We feel like if they truly know who we are they won’t love us. IF they know I tried to commit suicide, that I was in a psychiatric hospital, that I couldn’t socialize or work for years because of my anxiety….

I could go on and you get the picture, right? You can fit your own things in there.

So, when I was told things I hadn’t heard about what I’ve been through I was shocked- blessed – but shocked.

“You are amazing.”

“You are brave.”

“I never would’ve guessed that about you.”

“Thank you for sharing.”

Those are not the responses I have had in the past and it felt uncomfortable. Why? Because I am being known and yet still loved.

You know who else knows you intimately and still loves you? God.

Yep, the people that shared this love with me were reminding me I am known and loved by the God of the Universe.

However, it still feels uncomfortable in my human body and after having endured shameful trauma – to feel known. It’s going to feel that way until it’s something you experience over and over.

The great thing is it’s a good uncomfortable. It’s an awesome experience and God wants you to experience it, but you won’t if you don’t begin to share your story and your struggles. You have to put yourself out there to be known and feel the love that’s there for you – and it is there for you.

Consider that as we head into a new year soon and pray about how God can help you share and begin to feel known – that’s what He wants for you so you can heal.

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