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The Hope We Have in Jesus

Celebrating the real reason for the season.

The next three weeks of posts will flow together. This is part one.

At this time of year it’s easy to get caught up in the negatives. The word is caught up in buying presents, decorating with Santa and lights, and though this year the hustle and bustle may be less because of COVID, it’s still there.

It is very easy to start to get down and depressed even more than usual. I know it is harder on me starting in the first of September until January hits again. I have significant losses associated with September and October and even into November and December.

On top of losses, is the anniversary of traumatic events related to each holiday and my birthday, and sometimes I wish we could go from August straight to January.

However, since we can’t, we have the only choice to push through and make the best of what is in front of us. I learned a few years ago I cannot do this on my own.

My second suicide attempt was on Christmas Day 2013. Unfortunately, I was still connected to my toxic family and when they came to the hospital the response wasn’t they were glad I was alive, but “How can you do this to us?” Then, I had a minister tell me it was the worst sin to commit suicide. Both are lies, but they felt true in that fragile state.

So, I discovered the hard way that doing the holidays with Jesus is the only way to make it through, and He provides in all kinds of ways.

For several years I had to make a step by step survival list to look at when things went south this time of year. It’s okay to have to do that. I do believe God wants us to be smart and use resources provided to us. My counselor helped me come up with what to do and I firmly believe God works through others.

As we head into the “depth” of the Christmas season it’s good to stop and remember that we celebrate not because it’s the “thing to do”, but because Jesus came 2000 years ago to save us from ourselves and allow us to spend eternity with Him and His Father in heaven.

I encourage you to read the story of Jesus and His birth in Luke chapter 2 this week, on Christmas, or every day between now and then if it helps keep you focused on the true reason for this season. That reason, is Jesus, who gets us through the good, bad, and excruciating times. Jesus cares so much for you. I know I don’t fully comprehend how much He does care and love us, but He does.

I hope and pray you will begin to be able to treasure this time of year for what it is meant for; to celebrate the birthday of the One who loves you more than you’ll ever understand this side of heaven. Take that in today and rest in it when the season gets to be too much.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas season, my friends.

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