God and Sexual Assault


Thank you, God.

I’m so tired of hearing about only negative. The news is filled with people attacking people for even simple things. Never did I imagine people would get so riled up about a face mask. As I was sitting here today to do my writing I was reading about an upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul book about blessings. We need to stop and smell the roses so to speak – especially right now. Remember our blessings.

So, today let’s remember all the things we have to be thankful for. There are plenty no matter where you are in life. Let’s thank our good Father today for what He has provided for us.count blessings

Father God,

Thank you for how you have come through for me. You have provided me with so many luxuries I take for granted. I see people in other parts of the world who just want to have water and food and I realize I have appliances to store and cook my food and water – sometimes in mere seconds.

Appliances that are working right now; thank you. When I need something I can go to the store at any point I need to, (with a mask on :-)).

There are places to get food within minutes of my home and I know some people in other countries have to walk miles just to get food and water each day. Thank you for these luxuries. Thank you for the companions you’ve put in my life. (list yours here) My cat may not be human, but she is a comfort to me. As are the women you have brought into my life. Thank you for them as well.

I am grateful you have provided me with a counselor who knows You, seeks You, and guides me in my recovery. Thankful that you are helping me heal one step at a time, day by day. There were years I never thought that was going to happen. Most of all thank you for loving me each and every minute of the day.

Continue to remind me of Your love so that I can reach out and share it with others. Continue to guide my healing and be with all those who have experienced trauma as they heal too.

In Jesus Name,


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