How to Read My Blog on Your Phone


Reading a blog on a phone is the way most of you read blogs these days. Here’s a quick tutorial to guide you through how to read my blog on your phone. There are a few hidden secrets to find all the buttons on my blog.

You can read about how to read my blog here or skip to the video below, or do both…enjoy!

To use my blog on your phone simply pull up susanmclabaugh.com in your internet browser. You’ll see the title, “Restoring the Soul: Meditations for Survivors of Sexual Assault” at the top with blog posts below it.

First of all if you go to the top right hand corner of the phone you’ll see three lines. If you click on these lines you’ll go to a page which lists all my other pages on the blog. Home, About Me and This Blog, Books, and Contact Me.

Home takes you back to the main blog page.

About Me and This Blog describes the blog and why I am writing it.

Books is a page which shows you the books I have written which are for sale on Amazon. If you click on the words of the title, or the picture of the book they will link you directly to Amazon where you can buy the book. It also tells you about the books.

Contact Me is a page where you can contact me privately. Just enter your name, email, and comment. This is not posted on the website. You can send me a note about whatever you have on your heart, or a suggestion to help make the blog more useful to you.

Once back on the blog’s main page, if you scroll down through the blog posts you will find the “Follow Me” button to follow my blog via email and receive it each week when it is posted.

Next you’ll see the “Me” portion describing myself and what we have in common.

You’ll then see the blogs I follow, how to find a blog by month, categories of blogs, and how to follow my blog via RSS feed.

Here’s the video explaining how to read my blog:





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  1. Great idea !

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