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Being Thankful When Life is Hard

Expressing Gratitude to God

Let me introduce you to my friend. He is one of the most upright and righteous men, he is wealthy and loves God. He has pretty much anything anyone would want but he is faithful to God. One day, all of his livestock were killed, so were all ten of his children and their families. He then became very sick with sores all over his body. His friends told him to curse God and die. Because there’s no way a loving God would allow this to happen right? His friends started telling him to repent because it was his own sins that made all of the bad things happen.

Have you been in the place similar to my friend before? Have you lost so much or endured so much you didn’t think you can handle anymore? I can tell you what I did. When I reached the breaking point, I started to yell at God. I blamed God. I turned from God, and I had no hope.

Well, let me tell you what my friend did. He made a choice early on he would praise God, and serve God, no matter what. I had not done that. I thought I had, but when life completely fell apart, that’s not where I landed.

However, we serve a gracious God, who understands our emotions, feelings, and circumstances, and provides grace, mercy, and second chances. So, I have the chance now to make the choice to be thankful not for all things which happen, but in all things.

My friend I am mentioning is Job from the Bible. He is probably one of the most relatable people we read about in the Bible because of the intense suffering he endured.

It makes me think of the ever famous quote, “God will never give you more than you can handle.“ Which is not anywhere in the Bible. It is not truth. The truth is God will absolutely give you more than you can handle because it is then you have to depend on Him for His strength. Then, He will handle it.

Father God,
May I be thankful in all and always praise you. May I call on Your strength and know You can handle everything that comes my way even when as a human I feel weak and weary. It is then You shine, and I ask You do this in my life. May everyone see my life and see You. Your love, strength, mercy, and grace. Thank You above all for sending Jesus and providing me hope that when there seems to be no way, You make a way.

In Jesus’ name,

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