red leaf trees near the road
Giving Thanks

The Power of Letting Things Fall

Letting Go

I absolutely love the change of seasons, but fall is my favorite. The autumn colors and cooler air with no humidity here in the Midwest. Recently, I spent an almost perfect three hours by the lake, relaxing and listening to God and enjoying His creation. I was observing the wind blowing and the leaves falling.

As I watched the leaves fall, I realized God created the trees to know when to let the leaves fall. He knew sometimes we just must let go to make way for something new and beautiful.

It made me start to think. What am I holding onto which I need to let go of? What is holding me back from exactly what God is calling me to?

Am I holding onto things because I want to make sure I use it and I don’t want to waste it?

Am I eating extra food because I feel it would be wasteful for it to go to waste, but yet I don’t need ALL the food in my body?

Am I trying to do 1000 things in my business, and many of those things are good and helpful to others, but they aren’t necessarily what God wants me to focus on right now?

Maybe they were at one time, but the season is changing. Am I holding onto it because I’m afraid someone will think I’m fickle and I change my mind too much?

Am I more worried about what they think than what God is calling me to?

Am I holding onto enough that it’s causing me to be anxious and not be able to rest?

Am I holding onto things in the past more than I should?

I can answer yes to pretty much all of these. But what I realize today is sometimes something in my life is not bad, and it’s not a sin. It’s actually a good thing, but it’s time to let it go to make way for God to create something even more beautiful.

Maybe it’s a relationship with someone. Maybe it is something on your to do list which has been there for months and you don’t really ever “need“ to do it. Maybe God is calling you to let some things go so He can grow something even more beautiful in the next season.

What is He asking you to release today? How can you embrace your own season of fall?

Just like the trees must lose their leaves and live without the weight for a bit before new and beautiful flowers, leaves, and fruit begin to grow back, how much more do we as humans?

red leaf trees near the road

Father God,

What am I holding onto today that You want me to let go of? In this season, where should I focus? I want to follow You and allow You to lead, and to trust for You to guide and provide. Help me let go of what needs released in a loving and kind way, whether it be to others or myself.

Just as Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.” (NKJV) May I only hold onto what has a purpose in directing others to You and the ultimate goal of Your purpose for my life.

In Jesus’ Name,


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