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Setting Goals


Setting goals can be a great thing. We need things to strive for, but what happens when we just keep stiving and don’t celebrate the small victories? We begin to not stay focused on the prize at the end, or the final goal.

I came to realize lately I keep looking toward the next thing God is directing me to, and then many times do not see where He brought me from.

I don’t go back and:

1. Give Him credit or show others what He has done.
2. I also don’t take time to celebrate.

I begin to think about the future (a future on earth I am not promised) and then forget to thank God, to show others what God has done, and to celebrate His goodness.

Today, I was encouraging a friend on how far she has come in a journey, and I realized I don’t do that for myself. I don’t look back often enough and see where I WAS compared to where I AM, and praise the One who got me here.

Now, I do this here and there, but why don’t I do it more often? Instead, I focus on the new destination, goal or prize, and forget about the little steps God used to get me there.

Today, I am going to take time to thank God, and I encourage you to do the same.

Make this personal for you. Keep setting goals God is directing you towards, but also keep your eye on the ultimate goal and prize (eternity in heaven and sharing this hope with others), and the One who gives you the abilities to do everything.

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2 comments on “Setting Goals

  1. Really made me think, I don’t show enough gratitude for where I am and where I was.

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