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Where Is Your Value?

Can I be accepted?

Where do we find our value? This is a constant question in our society today. Because with social media, most people are trying to find their value and acceptance from others. Hoping with a post to get a like or comment or more followers. The news, commercials, and social media all put out there doing something, or getting something is going to give you value and acceptance.  

I want to share a little reality and truth with you today. If you relate to one of the following or to even one I don’t mention, I have a good and bad news.  

  • When I get married, then I will be accepted and valued.
  • When they agree with my lifestyle, I will be accepted and valued.
  • When I have that baby, I will be accepted and valued and my life will finally have meaning.
  • When my business is making great money, and clients are lining up at the door, I will have meaning of value.
  • When “they“ understand what I’m going through I will have meaning and value.
  • When (fill in blank) loves me I will be accepted and valued.
  • When I make “this” much money, I will have value.

Here’s the bad news.  

None of the above statements being true or coming true will give you a true fulfillment in life. None of them happening will help you feel loved and accepted forevermore. None of them will give you the ultimate joy you’re hoping to have. You may have joy and you may feel loved and acceptance for a time, but it will fade.  


If you know, Jesus, (and if you don’t go here), but if you know Jesus, here’s the truth.  

Even I have to come back to this over and over. Satan loves to fill our mind with lies. Don’t believe them. Always go back to the truth. You are loved. God pursued you. God loves you. I pray you can see it if you do not already.  

Father God,
Open my eyes, so I may see your truth. When Satan begins to fill my mind with lies, cover me with the truth. Remind me who I am in you. The only place I will ever find true joy, acceptance, and value is with You. I am yours forevermore and I thank you. Thank you for saving me and thank you for loving me.
In Jesus’ name,

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  1. Great reminder and prayer! Miss seeing you on Wednesdays.

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