Abiding with God

Grateful for Pain

Thank you Jesus.

Recently, I overworked my muscles while cleaning. I deal with pain most days, but this was much higher on the pain scale, because I was actually in tears.

I tried ice and heat, and finally took some pain medication. As I struggled to get comfortable, I prayed for God to take my pain away, and for the strength to endure it so I could get a good night’s rest.

As I was drifting in and out of sleep, God brought this to mind.

I usually have a way I can treat the pain, and though in the moment it seems like it will last forever, it does not.

However, Jesus left a pain-free, perfect life to come down to a sinful earth, knowing the pain He would endure.

What sane person do you know would do that for any reason, let alone because they love you so much?

As I laid in bed and let the ice, heat and medicine ease my pain, I thought about Jesus. I thanked Jesus for coming and enduring the cross. I cannot begin to imagine the physical pain and the emotional pain. The torture.

Praying earnestly to His loving Father to let there be another way, but yet, if it’s God’s will to provide Him the strength to endure it.

And He did. He endured being stripped naked, made fun of, spit on, beaten, a crown of thorns jammed into His head, and nails through His body.

I cannot imagine the pain that ensued as His body struggled to stay up on the cross. With every movement, causing those nails to dig further into His body and cause pain. The struggle to lift Himself up, knowing He would feel pain, but knowing that’s how He had to breathe.

Jesus’ pain was a choice. A choice He made for me. A choice He made for you.

Today I just want take a moment and say thank you Jesus. Will you join me?

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I have been worshiping to this song lately, (Gratitude) and I encourage you to listen to it today. Lift up your hands and praise Him again and again.

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