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Abiding with God

Welcome Home

Longing for lasting peace.

Do you ever go on vacation and just long to be home? Do you ever get so busy you are hardly at home and your longing is to just be home?

Being at home brings a certain sense of peace to us.

Do you spend time with Jesus and feel close to Him and yet still have a longing?

Did you know this is normal? This world is not our permanent home and therefore even when we feel most at home here on earth, there’s still a longing. It may diminish, especially when we spend a lot of time with Jesus, but yet I truly believe the longing was placed in us by God.

He knew the one thing which would satisfy.


So when I find myself longing for things to be different in this world (which lately is most everyday), and how difficult things are at times, I realize I am hoping for a different world which cannot happen on earth.

I still have this deep longing to be somewhere comfortable, and peaceful, and I then realize the longing was placed there by God. Because until we meet Him face to face we won’t truly be home or feel at complete peace.

God has laid this on my heart and is teaching me at the moment about my true home, because I tend to think I should be completely content and happy in his life.

Yet, we are not created for peace in a sinful world. We are created to have a longing for something perfect because that was God’s ultimate design before sin entered the picture.

However, this world will never be perfect no matter how wonderful things may be, this earth and the people here will never completely meet our longing for home until we are in heaven. Until Jesus comes back, and we have the new heaven and the new earth. (or we die physically and are resurrected with Him in heaven.)

We are actually told in the end times, which I truly believe we are in, things will become even more difficult, and people will portray evil as truth and truth as evil. It’s because we live in a sinful world where Satan is the prince and not Jesus.

However, Jesus is the ultimate giver of perfect peace.

couple holding a wooden signboard

I encourage you today, to stay close to Jesus, to abide in your true Father. Ask Him to give you the strength, patience, and peace to endure this place until you meet Him and He says, “Welcome home, my child.” It really will be the ultimate coming home feeling.

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