Abiding with God

Beauty from Ashes

What do you need God to redeem?

A sweet friend of mine gave me a flower for my birthday. She obviously had more confidence in the fact I would keep it alive than I did. (I’m known to kill even a cactus.  😊) I over water, underwater, or don’t give it enough sun.

I started off watering this flower and watering it every time I emptied my cat’s water bowl. I then noticed it was beginning to die. When I lifted it out of the pot I realized I had waterlogged it. Oops.

I took the plant and placed it in the sink to drain, and pushed as much water out of it as I could, cut off the dead parts, and left it. Just stopped watering it completely.

My birthday was at the end of November, and around Christmas I began to see some blooms, and it continued blooming all throughout the month of January. I had not done much to it at all after my major screw up where I almost killed it. And yet here’s a picture of what it looked like in all it’s glory.

God reminded me this morning, no matter how I screw up, as long as I’m walking with Him, turning to Him, and  coming to Him when I mess up, asking for forgiveness and for Him to make all things new  – He will.

He has the power to bring beauty from ashes and He has in my life more than I ever could have dreamed. What have you done you’re not sure can be fixed? While yes, we may still have to endure consequences of our choices and sin, it does not mean God cannot create beauty from it and be glorified.

What do you need to take to Him today? Be yourself. Be honest. I can promise we serve a God of redemption….remember Paul who was Saul the ultimate killer of Christians and yet became a follower of Jesus? Rahab the prostitute?

God creates beauty from ashes. The question ultimately is, will you let Him?

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