Abiding with God

The Best is Yet to Come

What is keeping you from abiding?

This question hit me today.

What is keeping you from abiding?

There were so many years, and still sometimes, where I allow other things to be my refuge and strength. When this happens, it means I’m not fully abiding in God. I have placed something ahead of my relationship with God, and then I’m not fully resting in His peace. Abiding with Him.

There were years food was my refuge, and there were years where not allowing myself food was a refuge above God. There were times my family was an idol above what God was calling me to, and who I tried to look to for strength.

I used to think I would be nothing if I was not a mother or a wife and all I wanted for years on end was to be a wife and a mom. It became my ultimate goal of how I would define myself. It would provide someone to “take care of me“. But what I’ve discovered is no human on earth can fill me with the joy, peace, and love God does.

There are humans who can help display God‘s love. We are called to show God’s love to others, but when we begin to allow other humans to be the source of our fulfillment, and where we try to find rest and security, life will eventually implode.

God did not design us to fully depend on each other for our every need. Though, He wants us to have community, and He created a marriage relationship between a man and a woman to represent His relationship with us, it doesn’t take the place of it.

As I was sitting in church this morning, I began to think of all the times I allowed other things to try to fulfill me in the search for peace. It has only been in the last couple of years I have found the true source of peace in truly trusting in my Father God, and abiding with Him.

I fully believe God has placed desires in us, but when those desires begin to take the place of our full dependence on Him, it becomes a problem and an idol.

What are you putting above God? What want or even need are you fighting for? Are you fighting against or with God? Is God truly leading it?

One way to know the true answer is ask yourself if you would be OK if God‘s answer was no to your current want or need.

Ouch…that hurts doesn’t it? We are all human, and this is a daily struggle for us all. However, if you can’t be okay if He answers no, then quite possibly you have placed your desires ahead of His.

No judgment here. Been there and done it and still struggle daily with it. It’s a constant day-to-day battle to bring myself back to the foot of the cross; to abide in the strength and refuge of my Father. To trust He will guide and provide all, and resting only in His peace.

Take to God your concerns, your desires, your wants and your needs. Ask him what is keeping you from fully abiding with Him. Ask for His guidance through each step, and ask for His strength and peace to accept whatever the answer may be. Even if it is no, or not yet, or I have something so much better, just hold on.

Because even if the answer is no, if you’re abiding in God, I can promise the best is yet to come.

****Speaking of the best is yet to come – my new devotional will be out July 15th, so stay tuned for it!! Follow this blog to know exactly when it comes out!💕

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