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Painful Holidays

Allowing the Grief and Loss

I have to say that I didn’t think there would be a time that my pain would lessen. For example, the emotional pain of not having the chance to be a mother, but it has finally started to not be as strong. It’s still there, and some days more than others, but God has been faithful to show me my path will look different from others here on earth.

I am sure you have pain as well. Pain from losses, struggles, relationships that haven’t worked out etc. As we approach Mother’s Day there may possibly be some pain which comes up stronger – or just resurfaces. I want you to know it’s ok. It’s okay to feel the pain, to grieve the losses, and to sit with it awhile.

We need time to process those emotions and feelings, and feel the losses. That’s all part of the grieving process. I encourage you to bring it to God and allow Him to work through it with you.

Part of our relationship with Him is knowing He’s there as we experience all our feelings and emotions. The truly cool thing is He understands far more than anyone because He created us and our emotions and feelings. So, who better to sit with you in your grief and pain than the One True Father God?

I still feel the losses of not having my own family and children, but I have found God is faithful to be with me in my grief and pain. Mother’s Day can be painful for so many. From those who have lost a growing or adult child, experienced the loss of a child in miscarriage, as well as other losses. Or for those who did not have a loving or accepting mother. It’s even painful for those who had good relationship with their mother, but she’s no longer here with them on earth.

As we head into Mother’s Day, if you’re a mother I wish you a beautiful day celebrating with your family. If you have pain and grief about this holiday, or others, take it to God, and share your heart. He knows, He understands, He loves and He cares.

Blessings to you all my friends.

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