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Abiding in the Moment

Staying present

Think back to when you were a child anticipating Christmas. Did you ever make one of those paper chains to count down the days until Christmas? I remember my grandma having a beautiful ceramic Christmas tree and we always fought over which grandchild was going to turn it on when we spent the night.

The anticipation of Christmas and all that it brought as a child, wondering what would be in your stocking or under the tree just couldn’t wait until Christmas morning. All of the days from Thanksgiving to Christmas were consumed with, “Is it Christmas yet?”

Inspecting the wrapped gifts under the tree or wondering what would show up on Christmas morning. Do you remember anything between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a child? Probably not a lot because it was a constant countdown to Christmas. We were blinded by anticipation and wanting it to happen right now. It was difficult to wait until Christmas morning.

It’s still difficult to wait.

Do you ever find yourself waiting? I was recently reading in first Samuel about Hannah and her desperate cries for God to fill her empty womb. There were so many years I prayed for husband, and for a child, yet God knew what was best, even though it hurt. God saw farther into the future and knew I had much healing to do. That life would fall apart. He knew I would not have been able to be a present or loving Mother because of the amount of trauma I had inside my body that needed worked through.

As hard as it was during those years where I wanted nothing more than to be a wife and a mother, I can look back now, and thank God I did not continue the toxic family. I changed the legacy of my family by not carrying on the negative and abusive traits I had learned and endured.

There are so many things I’m still waiting for. I would still love to share my life with someone and be married, but I trust if that’s God‘s will, He will lead and guide in that area. I don’t need it to get by or survive.

There are other things I am waiting for too. I can’t see how some things will work out, and I can’t see far enough into the future to satisfy the human fear in me. I would like to see how it’s all going to work out, but then again, if I could, it doesn’t allow God to shine.

So, I came back to the word abide.

I come back this morning I’m writing this, and I asked my Father God to help me abide in Him, to trust in Him and His perfect plan. Even though this world is difficult and hard and often very dark—He is my light, and if I rest and abide in Him, I am not alone.

I do not have to work in my own strength, but I can abide and rest. To trust, just as He has so far, God will work all things for the good of those who love Him who been called according to His purpose. As long as I walk step by step and day by day, with Him. continually seeking Him as my guide, my Father, my Friend , and the ultimate lover of my soul.

Abiding in God allows me to focus on the moment and not fear or anxiety, or even the excited anticipation of what is to come. But just stay in each moment with God— day after day.

Thank you, Father,

For loving me in a way no human on this earth can. Help me not take for granted each moment of every day, which You have so graciously given to me.

May I not be so excited or fearful or anxious of the future that I miss Your work today. Help me trust You will always provide, You will always guide, and remind me that it’s not all up to me.

Show off God! Show Your power, and Your glory! May I always abide in you, and may You be glorified.

In Jesus’ name,


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Stay tuned for more encouragement coming in June or July when I release my 30-day devotional. Embracing the Journey

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  1. Gay Beth

    We were just talking about this in Bible Study yesterday. Thank goodness we have the Lord to guide us through these chaotic times. Thank you for sharing your testimony, Susan, and giving us encouragement not just to survive, but thrive and be the light for others. God bless you, sweet friend!

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