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Overcoming Anxiety And Fear Of The Future

By abiding in our Father God.

First of all, let me explain the anxiety and fear I am talking about. I am not talking about anxiety caused from trauma or anxiety and fear which are justified. What I mean by anxiety and fear which are justified would be, if you are scared to go to the inner city because of all the crime, that’s a realistic fear. If you are scared to drive in the snow because you’ve had a car accident during a snowstorm that is trauma induced anxiety.

The anxiety and fear I am talking about would be when you look into the future and you wonder how something will happen or if you will have the money, and if you will end up living under a bridge.

We look into the future, and we do not imagine walking step by step with Jesus and abiding in our Father God, then we have anxiety. This is the human anxiety and worry that the Bible talks about when it says, do not be anxious for anything. (Phil 4:6)

When we choose to walk and abide in our Father daily, He provides what we need for each day. Similar to the story of George Mueller. He ran an orphanage in the 1800s and trusted solely on God for the provision of him and the orphans. Each day, sometimes, even when they sat down at the table with no food available, they would pray for God‘s provision, and God would provide.

Just like the Israelites in the desert when God provided manna each day but they were not allowed to store it up because it would go bad. He was encouraging them to trust Him daily for His provision. So, if we abide in our Father daily, and walk each step with Jesus, it allows us to overcome anxiety and fear.

God wants us to live in His freedom and fully trust in Him. I know this seems like the impossible sometimes because I’ve been there. I’ve wondered how things would work out because I could not see it with my human eyes or plan it with my human mind. But yet, as the years go by, I can look back and see God’s hand, God’s footsteps with me, and His provision. As I abide and trust in Him. Embrace the journey with Him.

One way I am able to see God‘s provision is I keep a daily journal, a prayer journal and a regular journal. I go back through them and list out God‘s provision, and how even though I couldn’t see it then, I now clearly see the path He led me on.

I encourage you to do this today as well.

Rest in this today my friends, and abide in our Father God to overcome fear and anxiety.

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2 comments on “Overcoming Anxiety And Fear Of The Future

  1. Lina Belle

    Thank you so much for this post… 🙏 Today I let the anxiety overcome me and because I was so anxious I didn’t stop to pray, and even though I didn’t, God sent me a friend to not only help me through the anxiety, but to also help me find a solution to one of the problems I was anxious about. I was thankful for my friend of course, but I forgot to thank God as well for bringing this friend into my life. I feel like God knew I needed a friend like this as a reminder that I’m not alone and that the battles I fight aren’t mine alone… 🙏

    • I’m so sorry I just saw this and am replying. I’m also so sorry you are dealing with such anxiety. I am thankful you found a friend to help you through! No, you are not alone. Hugs – Susan

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