Hi! I am just popping in to let you know I have some changes coming to the site. Great changes! I will let you know I am going into a full blown site with a new name: Encouragement in Daily Living. If for some reason my posts get deleted and you cannot find me, you can search for me there. Although, hopeaftersexualassault.com will also still direct you to my site. I am hoping to not have any posts lost, and I will continue to post blogs each week. However, thank you for your patience as I launch this and figure out the details! More soon! Blessings!


Susan is an author and writer who loves to share her journey of God's redemption and encourage others as they look to God. This blog has grown in ways she never dreamed. Now, Susan is publishing her work into books and working on her memoir of the redemption and healing God has done and is still doing in her life. Her prayer and mission has become how she can take her life and use it for God and His glory and direct others to see Him as a loving Father.

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