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Who We Allow To Speak Into Our Lives

Are they sharing the truth of Jesus?

The older I get, and the further along in my healing process, I realize how important it is I monitor, who, and what is speaking into my life.

Are the people I’m allowing to speak into my life seeking Jesus and following the Bible? And are they interpreting it correctly? Is the Bible being taken out of context? Do they have their own agenda or are they concerned with being right? Are they willing to be vulnerable and share their experiences and how God is working?

I could list numerous ways we allow things and people to speak into our life who shouldn’t. Today, I want to validate that it’s OK to take everything you receive against the Bible. Every Bible study, curriculum, recovery program, comments from other people, suggestions from other people – including counselors, and teachings from pastors, should all go back to the Bible.

Are verses being taken out of context? Is this really God’s will and what He said? What is the context and the history of the verse being used? What does God truly say about what this person is sharing with you?

I have shared numerous times about invalidation of other people. I have experienced it yet again recently, and have spent much time in prayer about it. I have to work to not let my human anger and emotions take over, but base my responses in the truth, and in a way which honors God.

We have to be extremely careful about allowing people, books, articles, programs etc. to speak into our lives. How has the person earned trust with you? Have they shared their story and been vulnerable so you can trust they’re speaking from experience and you can see God working in their life? Are they backing up their statements with the Bible or are they just telling you this is the only way.

Take it all back to the Bible and ask God to reveal to you what is His truth. If someone is telling you, you have to do certain things a certain way -especially in healing- possibly it is legalism and based in the old covenant of following the law. I am not talking about right and wrong. (Do not kill. Marriage is between man and woman.) I’m talking about having to check off boxes or not heal trauma.

Now, we need to follow the law, and God does want us to live holy lives, and not to sin, but He knows we are human, and we will sin. Otherwise, we don’t need the new covenant (Jesus) because we would all be perfect, and be able to enter heaven.

I just want to encourage you today. If you’ve been invalidated or struggling with things people have shared with you which are only the results of the experiences this person has had, and you feel may not be truth-it is OK to not follow what they’ve shared with you.

It’s OK to take it to God, to search the Bible, and it’s OK your experiences may cloud how you see God and your healing process. Especially if you’ve endured early childhood trauma, which blocked out your ability to learn necessary skills to deal with life.

God understands this but other humans can invalidate this because they only see through their lens. Know God sees you and He knows and He loves you. Just keep praying for Him to draw you to Him and He will come near to you. It probably won’t happen overnight, but I promise it will happen. Also, take to prayer everything that’s been spoken into your life and ask God to shine His light on it for you.

Continued prayers and blessings as you seek the healing God has for you.

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