God and Sexual Assault

How Does God Allow Evil?

Understanding God's Sovereignty

This is my perspective and from facing the truth of God and His word, and what He shared with me. I am very aware that it may not resonate with you now or ever as it was a years long process for me to understand.

There were years upon years that I blamed God. When in fact, there’s an entire spiritual realm going on all around us between good and evil. I was blaming God for Satan‘s actions, which is exactly what Satan wanted me to do. Satan will take absolutely anything in our lives he can, and twist the truth in our mind so that we don’t follow God, understand God, or lead anyone else to God.

What I understood about God is He is God so He has the ultimate power to stop what was happening to me. Which is true. So how can a loving God allow the sexual trauma or any evil we endure in life?

The answer is He cannot. He cannot allow evil of any kind in heaven. And because man, starting with Adam, chose to sin and believe he knew better than God, evil entered into the world. Which means bad things and unthinkable things will happen here on earth.

When we consider Jesus went to the cross and paid for every single one of the sins committed by us, or committed against us, so every sin in the entire earthly world (already committed and which would be committed) was set upon Jesus at the cross, and His blood covered them all.

The sin was so much God could not stand it. He did not leave His son, but He did turn away at that moment, so what Jesus did was die a very cruel and painful death which involved significant humiliation as well. He did so to cover each of our sins, but the sins He covered also where the sins done against us.

Those who harmed us owe debt they cannot pay, and Jesus chose to pay this debt because He loves us that much. Then, Jesus rose from the dead, and in doing so proved He’s not just fully man, but fully God, and the only one who can take away sin for us to enter heaven. What awaits us in heaven is a place where God does not allow evil of any kind. God gave us Jesus to cover our sin, which we all have, and allows us to go to heaven where life will be perfect forever and ever.

God‘s original design for man was perfect and did not involve evil. The evil came about by man’s choice, and because God created each of us for a loving relationship with Him, He chooses not to dictate over us.

If He stopped or asked us to comply to prevent every evil act then we would not be making a choice to follow him. His relationship is not a dictatorship.

Does God hurt because you were hurt? Yes. Does God have the ability to take what you went through and redeem it and create beauty from the ashes? Absolutely, definitely yes. I can say this with certainty because I’ve experienced it and I honestly never thought it would come true.

It is my prayer you will be able to experience this, and I ask you pray this with me today and you can pray this prayer every day and watch how God begins to show up, and show His love to you, help you heal, and create beauty from your ashes.

Keep your eyes open and believe. This is a prayer similar to one I prayed several years ago when I just didn’t know what to pray. You may use it whenever you feel the need.

You are loved. Hang in there my friends.

Father God,

It is very difficult for me to understand why You allowed what happened to me to happen, but I would like for You to show me how You can redeem my life. Please bring beauty from the ashes, open my eyes and help me to see You, and provide the right people in my life to help me heal and see You for the loving God You are. I cannot see it right now, but I’m trusting and believing You to show me.

In Jesus Name,


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