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What Does It Mean That God is Your Physician?

Who helps with healing?

Let me ask you some questions. If you are sick and you go to your doctor do you tell them you don’t need their help because Jesus is your doctor? If you broke your leg and you went to the emergency room do you tell them you don’t need surgery or a cast because Jesus is your doctor? Do you tell your pastor you don’t need him to shepherd you because Jesus is your good shepherd?

No, we don’t do that because Jesus has always used people in our lives to help us. So, it’s hard to understand why we don’t see seeking therapy as a way for Jesus to help us become whole people. He provides people to help us with other injuries and illnesses, so why do we see seeking therapy as telling the world Jesus is not enough?

I came across all of this in a post by a man recently and I was like, “Preach brother!” Because for some reason, especially in the church, Christians seem to think Jesus should be enough to deal with your mental health, but yet it’s OK to seek a doctor for physical health. When in reality, it’s all intertwined, and for us to be holy and whole as God has called us to be, we need to deal with every aspect of our health.

This includes mental health. There is no shame in it and God does not see it as you not trusting Him enough because He’s provided people to help you heal in every possible way. Whether it be emotionally or physically, and in truth these two are connected in every way. As I’ve often said, your mental health will show in your physical health when you don’t deal with it and vice versa.

I encourage you today my friends, to remember even though Jesus is all you need, Jesus can and will guide you to the help He has actually provided. I do believe Jesus is the answer, but I believe He provides people to help us heal through Him as part of Him being the answer. I need His strength to heal, but often the healing involves Him using others to help me get there.

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  1. This is actually very interesting because I actually work in the mental health field and I have a few mental illnesses. And actually going to hospitals and doctors offices have actually brought me closer to the Lord. I am honest, and I’ll say that a majority of my “mental health problems” are actually just sin problems. That’s the reason why I say that Jesus is our answer. Because what is addiction? it’s a sin problem. What is anxiety? it’s a sin problem because Jesus told us not to be anxious over anything but pray for everything. What is a conscience problem? how about a lying or stealing problem? all of those problems are sin problems. If you deal with the sin, then you will deal with the problem. HOWEVER, I do believe that God did send doctors down to help us in the things that we do. I do believe that God left people on this earth for a reason, so there is no need to worry about that.

    • Thank you for responding and sharing your thoughts. I see you ar new to my site, so you may want to read through some of my blogs about anxiety. While human worry is a sin, trauma induced anxiety is not, and is something which needs to be processed and healed. This is where others Jesus uses to help us comes in. Jesus is the answer, but my point was He uses so many around us to be that answer at times. I fully beleive He can heal instantly, but that is often not the case. God has sent many to help us on this journey on earth. Blessing to you and thank you for sharing and following!

  2. Linda M Ellis

    LOVE how elegantly you explained what “should” be apparent but so many miss. Plus, need a reminder some times. Thx ever so much.

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