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The Truth About Darkness

You have the power to overcome darkness with light.

Have you ever laid in bed at night, in complete darkness, and feel your heart begin to race and your anxiety ramp up? Things begin to roll around in your head about all that can go wrong in life, what might happen, and what if…

As I was laying in bed last night, and I felt this began to occur, God reminded me darkness cannot handle light. The ruler of the earth is Satan and he is complete darkness. This is evidence just by turning on the TV, or watching the news, or social media, etc.

We are told the thief, who is Satan, comes only to steal, kill and destroy. When is it easiest to destroy? In the darkness. So, how do we overcome darkness?

Well, if you are a child of God, and know Jesus as your Savior, you have the ability to call out Satan, in Jesus name. This brings light to the darkness, and Satan must shrink away. When we use Jesus name, we have to remember the power it holds is the same power which raised Him from the dead. This is the power that is available to you as a child of God.

Yet, we all tend to let the darkness convince us there is no hope. But our hope does not lie in the darkness. Our hope does not lie in this world. Our hope lies in an eternity in a new heaven, and a new earth, where Jesus reigns at the right hand of our Father God.

If you were to turn the light on at night, when the darkness is scary, and the anxiety is hitting, your body automatically begins to calm down when the light comes on because darkness cannot handle light.

Our ultimate light is Jesus and when we view darkness for the truth of what it is, which is Satan, we can kill the darkness with the light of Jesus.

Our world is constantly filled with the darkness and people sharing things which are not of God and not true. And we get frustrated in fighting this and sometimes wonder why people are so negative against those of us who share the truth. When in actuality, the reason they cannot handle the truth is because it is shining light in the darkness.

This is exactly what happened when I began to share the truth of the abuse that occurred in my family and the crazy lack of normalcy in my family of origin. I was blamed, and rejected, and not allowed to participate with my family, because I brought light to the darkness.

Now, it was difficult to see it in the moment it was happening. However, years removed from it happening, reminds me that because I chose to follow Jesus, and I chose to share the truth of what happened to me, and allow God to redeem the evil that occurred, I have a light to shine for Jesus.  And light will always overcome the darkness. Which can result in me being rejected on this earth, or misunderstood, but my hope does not lie here, it lies in Jesus.

I want to encourage you today with the darkness going on all around us, if you know Jesus, you have His light and power in Him to overcome when the darkness feels like it’s weighing heavy.

 You have the ability to turn on the light and dispel the darkness. Call on the power today and live in the freedom God has for you. I promise it will reap a reward for you in heaven, which nothing on this earth will compare to.

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4 comments on “The Truth About Darkness

  1. Linda M Ellis

    WOW!!! ❤️
    So needed this reminder. Thx ever so much 💞

  2. It is very sad that most of lose connection with our families if they won’t believe, stand, and protect us. Sorry for that loss and so thankful you chose the right path for you! God’s strength to you today. Fear not is one of His strongest commands. Ain’t always easy xoxoxo
    beautiful post.

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