God and Sexual Assault

Invalidation Of The True Path To Healing

Trusting in the truth of God and His word.

I know it can be hard when not everyone understands your story. I know it makes you want to isolate and not speak up. I’ve encountered this more this year probably than in a while, but it’s been a learning process. When I share my experiences, and my story, and what years in recovery have looked like, people’s responses can feel invalidating. This can be for several reasons.

1. When things don’t align with our own experiences, we have trouble taking in someone else’s, especially if we have not dealt completely with our own, or we feel threatened by the person sharing their story.

2. There is no openness to an organicity of a relationship with God, and what the process looks like when significant childhood trauma is involved.

3. There can be Pharisaical type of view which means we become very legalistic about what our relationship with God should look like and what healing, and its journey should look like. When it is a completely independent process. Meaning each person’s healing journey is going to be different, but it can be based on the truth of God’s word.

3. Other peoples responses may not be rooted in God’s truth and God’s love. They may not have fully experienced His love to be able to share it with others. if people are going with a legalistic view of Christianity. It’s hard for them to know the truth of the amazing love of God.

After some really good conversations with my counselor and some wonderful friends, I know I am to continue to share my story, and to speak the truth as God has laid on my heart. However, it is not my job to change someone else’s mind, as it is Gods and God alone.

I expend an enormous amount of energy when I am sharing something, and working harder on my part for someone to see the truth, when they are just not open to it. Is it really where God wants me to spend my energy?

So, as we enter a new year soon,, and you continue to pursue what you need to be whole, and holy, and deepen your relationship with God, I encourage you to take to Him your struggles, when others don’t understand your story. When others don’t see the truth, and when others comments are invalidating to you, know above all, God knows, God loves unconditionally, and God and His truth do win in the end.

Take heart, my friends, and stay strong in God’s power.


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