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Focusing on What Matters

Does it have eternal significance?

Have you ever sat in silence? I’m talking -no phone- no music -nothing but silence. It can be kind of uncomfortable. Do you know what? I was forced to do that today and it was nice. My body began to relax, and pressures begin to die down, and I realized how much stress I was keeping in.

Everyone holds stress and trauma, but some of us hold more than others. If you’re reading this you are someone to hold onto it more than others because of what you’ve been through. As I’ve been healing, as well as just getting older, there are some things that I realize I need to do to take care of myself.

One of them being stepping away from the Internet and social media and TV. Open books, and open the Bible. Sit in silence and talk to God and listen to what He has to say to me. Try it. You’ll be amazed how much clearer you can hear when you turn off the noise of the world, and by doing so relieve the stress that you’re feeling.

Other things I have learned include not worrying about some of the little things. I used to need everything cleaned up all the time. Like making sure the counter is completely cleaned off every single minute of the day, and that every pile is picked up or everything is in its “exact” place.

I’ve learned to stop and ask myself what does God want me focusing on right now? It’s not bad to clean things up and it’s not good to be a slob, but there’s a happy medium. I’ve always tended to go more towards the perfectionistic very neat and clean, but I think as I learn to juggle all the things in my life, I started to realize what is actually important.

So, I may leave piles of stuff out so that I can focus on creating a lesson that one of my kiddos needs that’s going to benefit them, or writing what God wants me to share. Possibly, going out with a friend or calling a friend to encourage them.

When you start investing in the things that matter, you will be able to see clearly and release those things that come up in the moment you feel you “have to” or “should” do.

I’ve heard people say, don’t “should” on yourself – I agree with that. That should‘s are placed on us by ourselves. So don’t tell yourself I “should” be doing this by now. I should’ve done this, and I should’ve cleaned that….should’ve done this better. I should be all better by now. You get the picture.

Ask yourself if it’s going to matter eternally? Is this helping someone with what God has laid on your heart for you to do? And I encourage you to put down your phone or step away from your computer and turn off the TV and sit and listen. It may be silent and uncomfortable at first, but what is God sharing with you? What can be your take away?

Feel free to drop a line in the comments and share what you learned when you chose to be still. We’re all on the journey, and I’m still learning and talking to myself just as much as I’m sharing with you.

Take care of yourself my friend. You’re on a journey, and on it I encourage you to focus on what matters eternally.

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