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Making Agreements

Recognize and call out lies.

Last week I talked about who we are and the truth of that. We were created by the God of the universe and the one true God that created everything in nature that we praise. Yet, as I discussed, we tend to not praise the beauty of His creation in each of us

We in turn begin to believe the lies of a sinful world instead of the truth of God as He stated in His word. Again, this does not mean we don’t take care of the bodies He’s given us because they help us fulfill his purpose here on earth, but we are not who we are based on how we look or what others say about us. We are also not who we are based on our feelings.

Feelings can lie to you. Let me share with you some feelings I had recently that I had to take to God and ask for His help.

You are a burden.

There will not be anyone you can ask to walk along life with you because you should not burden anyone.

You are selfish.

You are fat and ugly.

I could go on with these thoughts, but I don’t want to stay focused on lies.

As I was dealing with those untrue feelings God led me to a blog post by John Eldridge on his wild at heart blog. It talked about the agreements we make.

This is what he says. “What Satan is hoping to secure from us is an agreement – that often very subtle but momentous shift in us where we believe the spin, we go with the feeling, we accept as reality the deception he is presenting. It always feels so true. Just settle for what you’ve got. Don’t risk being hurt again.

Once we buy into the lie, make the agreement, we come under this spell, come under the influence of that interpretation of events. Then it pretty much plays itself out; it becomes self-fulfilling. These agreements begin to define the relationship…Look what happened to Adam and Eve.“

So what do we do when we have these untrue thoughts and feelings? There is only one thing that can break the lies. We have to recognize that we have made an agreement with something, and someone, that is not truth. We are starting to believe that we need to settle or that we are as good as it’s going to get. In Jesus name we must ask Satan to flee and then fill our mind with the truth of God.

Which goes back to what I talked about last week of searching God‘s word and knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. If you aren’t sure what lies you’re believing simply ask God to show you.

Remember Satan is a thief who comes to steal kill and destroy. He wants to steal your joy, your mind, and he will do that in any way he can. But the awesome thing is that if you know Jesus you can call out Satan in Jesus name and he must flee.

Satan cannot have control over anything unless you give it to him. He cannot read your thoughts like God can, but he can place those lies in your heart to get you to try to believe them. He did it to Adam and Eve and he is still doing it every day today.

I have to daily call out the agreements I begin to make with these lies and fill my mind with God’s truth instead. I encourage you to do the same because in your recovery you have a lot of lies to fight.

But once again the truth is that you are loved by the God of the universe!

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