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God Is A Loving Father

He loves you more than you understand.

This seemed appropriate to post this week with Father’s Day approaching.

God is a loving Father.

Wow, this is a hard statement to take in and to understand. But if you know Jesus you are God’s child which means He is your Father. Whether you know Jesus or not, God wants to be your Father – and He is loving.

He gives you the choice to choose Him or not, which is actually the most loving thing that He can do. If He were to force you to love Him that would not be love. He loves you enough that He sent His only Son to die for you, but He will not force you to come to Him

I understand how hard it is to see God as a loving father when you have not had a family that showed you that. Even if you did, it may be difficult to see God as a loving father because we tend to let the world tell us we are what we’ve done or what’s been done to us. In 2 Corinthians 6:18 it says “and, I will be a father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”

Did you know that Jesus says over and over again that God is a Father and that He says this 189 times in the four gospels? This is more than any other term He uses for God. (taken from Christy Wright’s devotional Living through 40 days to Get Back to You)

The amazing thing about God that I have learned is that He is not scared or discouraged that I have found it hard to see Him as a loving Father. He knows better than anyone, including me, why I have a hard time.

Yet He lovingly and tenderly, moment by moment, and step by step, continues to woo me to Him and show me that He’s loving. He makes Himself known to me and He is perfect, which means He will never hurt me.

Even when I mess up, which we all will, and even when I do not follow what He’s called me to, He loves me. He loves you. It’s taken me years to begin to interact with God as a Father, but it is a blessing beyond what I can express in words. He is my perfect Father and He loves me no matter what-which is unconditionally.

Nothing I do or don’t do will change that for me or for you. I pray that you will seek God and ask Him to show Himself to you as a Father and He will begin to do that step-by-step and little by little. He loves you that much.

He is a loving and good Father, and He longs for you to see Him that way, despite what you’ve endured on earth. Because He is a loving and good Father, He hurts with the fact that you have been hurt. He longs more than anyone for you to find healing and to see Him as your Father and live in that freedom and love. I pray one day you are able to.

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