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How do you overcome it?

Not long ago it came across a study about fear. I will link it here, but the basis is that it studied a group of people who are not scared or fearful entering a haunted house, but yet they were with a group of people who were fearful.

What was discovered is that by surrounding themselves with people who were fearful they became fearful. It begs to ask the question who and what are you surrounding yourself with? Are you surrounding yourself with people who are fearful and anxious or people who hold on to the truth of who God is and the strength that He will provide?

Are you surrounding yourself with people that encourage you to deal with why you feel fearful and the trauma that has caused you to be fearful? Are you allowing the lack of truth to lead you into fear?

God does not want us to be fearful, but to live in the freedom and the truth that He will provide. But I know that fear can be caused by trauma, and if you’re reading this you’ve endured some kind of trauma.

So, what I have to come to realize is what to stop surrounding myself with, such as the toxic people who fill my brain with fear. Instead I began to surround myself with people who would feed me the truth.

This involves working on processing the trauma that led to my fear and anxiety while surrounding myself with people, including a counselor, that will tell me the truth-which is that God will provide me what I need.

Is that an overnight quick fix to my fear and anxiety? Absolutely not. It actually has taken me years to overcome my intense anxiety, and it’s still shows its ugly head at times.

I’m more careful about what news outlets I allow to feed me and my brain stories, and instead only listen to the ones that are telling the truth. When I saturate my mind with God‘s word-which includes people who are also seeking God and His word. In doing all this, my fear recedes.

All of it plays a part of healing the anxiety and fear. Not just part of it. The processing of the trauma and being careful what you place in your mind. I’ve talked before how important it is to take captive every thought. Satan wants nothing more than to fill you with fear, and I know Satan has loved the past two years where our society has filled many minds with fear. (Again, this is not a political post-just stating the truth.)

You have to deal with your trauma to be able to overcome anxiety and fear, and you have to do that while making sure what you’re allowing your mind to absorb is the truth.

I encourage you to pray and ask God to guide you to who can help you process your trauma, and what you need to stop putting in your mind that is increasing the fear. Who can you surround yourself with that will remind you of the truth and support you without increasing your anxiety and fear?

My prayer is that you can find the freedom God wants you to have and not be living in fear and anxiety any longer. I am living proof it is possible.

Isaiah 40:31 – “They will mount up with wings as eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.” This is what we can do when we allow God to help us overcome our fear.

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