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Meeting Needs

Who can meet them for you?

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:19

As humans we have needs met that are not only spiritual, but emotional and physical. There are the obvious needs of food and water, and a place to sleep. However, as trauma survivors you most likely have other needs that need to be met. Even people who are not trauma survivors have other needs from hurts.

There are a lot of emotional needs we need met. We need unconditional love and acceptance, trust, attunement (empathizing and realizing where someone is), and so many more.

I used to try to get people I was around or friends to meet these needs. There was even a time I thought my counselors or doctors should meet these needs. Now, granted, they can try to meet these for us and help us, but there is only One who can truly meet the needs we have.

Once I began relying on God and not others to meet these needs, my life flourished. When you don’t need to depend on “humans” on earth – who are just as sinful as the next – then there is a freedom in knowing an all perfect and all-knowing God is taking care of you.

Do I fail at this task? Absolutely. I struggle daily to come back before God and depend on only Him to meet my needs. However, I have found that when I do depend on Him, He does use other people to help fulfill those needs. Just like as I work at my church food pantry God uses us who volunteer to distribute His food to others who have that need right now.

God uses my friends, my counselor, and strangers to help meet needs when I least expect it. Through their prayers, or kindness, or wisdom they have to share with me. Through the lessons God has taught them.

As I was reading this verse again (Phil. 4:19) – which has become a staple verse for me as I transition in life and off disability income – I realized that God meets all my needs. Spiritual, physical and emotional.

There is freedom in being able to depend on a perfect God. I pray that you can find that freedom too. I promise if you take all your needs before God, He will begin to show you how He is meeting them.

Join me today as we ask Him to do just that:

Father God,

Forgive me for depending on this imperfect world and the people here to meet my needs. Day after day, show me that You are meeting all of my needs. I have many needs and You know them even better than I do. Fill me with your unconditional love, acceptance, and presence so that my strength is only from You. Guide and direct my days. Thank you for providing for me in every way that I need.

In Jesus Name,


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