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Word for the Year

What will you embrace this year?

For the past few years I’ve heard people talk about choosing a word for the year. I wasn’t really up for doing that before now, because honestly a lot of the things we decide at the beginning of the year are gone by the end of the year.

I heard some people talk about it again at a recent luncheon I went to, and I kind of just left it up to God if that’s something He wanted me to do. I’ve often heard that you don’t find your word, but your word will find you. As I was driving home from an appointment the other day, I had a word continually come to mind.


This word continued to come back to my mind so I kind of felt like God was using it to let me know something. I placed it before Him as I began to think about what embrace means.

The definition of embrace is to “hold someone closely in one’s arms especially as a sign of affection.” or “to accept or support (a belief theory or change) willingly and enthusiastically.”

That very much hit home for me because on any kind of journey, whether it be just your every day life or a healing journey as I talk about on the blog, we must embrace change. We also must embrace the One who can provide the strength to make those changes as they come along.

The One is God, and as much as I would like someone to hold me and embrace me physically, that desire is filled by God when I truly allow myself to be comforted by Him.

As I consider the word embrace as the word for this year, 2022, this is what I came up with:

I will embrace God and allow him to embrace me.

I will embrace the plans God has for me and all that comes with them. (Including change.)

I will embrace this year and the changes that God brings with anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm knowing that His plans are so much greater than my plans.

I’m sure that these will grow and change throughout the year, but for the first part of 2022 I’m going to “embrace“ the word “embrace”.

Maybe God has a word that He would like for you to consider this year as you continue to follow Him on your journey to heal both emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

My prayer is for you to be able to embrace God for who He is and all the plans He has for you in 2022.

Welcome 2022! Let’s make it the best year yet!

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    LOVE this… and needed it!!! Thx ever so much for sharing it…

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