God and Sexual Assault

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your holiday.

This week is Thanksgiving. I won’t write much but wanted to take the chance to thank YOU for following and reading. I have been so encouraged just by the fact that someone can relate to my story.

It has been my constant prayer that God uses what I have endured for good. I pray that you and your family are healthy and that you are doing well in your own recovery.

As this Thursday approaches keep a few things in mind:

Avoid toxic people even if they are family. These people can derail your progress and make your depression worse or trigger you.

Take care of yourself. Take some time to breathe – relax – and do nothing. Fill a tub with Epsom Salts and let that soothe your muscles and remember that what you eat will determine how you feel. (Keep that in mind when you want that extra third helping or another piece of pie.) Enjoy, but in moderation.

Make a list everyday this week of all your blessings. List 3 things a day and thank God for those. I promise it will change your outlook and help you to feel better – even if the holiday is hard for you.

I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!


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