God and Sexual Assault

What Has Truly Helped Me Recover

Discovering the joy of trusting God.

What I am going to write today may not land with you yet. Why? Because it is a gradual process. This took me years to realize, and I was already a Christian when I began the process of healing. So, please take this in and then come back to it. Learning to trust God can help you after you’ve been violated is beyond hard. However, I promise it is possible and can happen.

I have said before that the most important thing I can share with you is about having a relationship with Jesus. It is the main thing that has helped me in recovery. However, there were years that I struggled with how a loving God could allow such evil in the world. How can I have a relationship with someone that allows sexual abuse and rape?

It took me years of prayer, counseling, and time in God’s word to understand that God doesn’t like sin of any kind, but He does allow us free will. He loves us enough to allow us the chance to choose – whether it be good or evil. Hard for me to put into words how I understand this, but I encourage you to pray about it.

If you do, I promise God will begin to show you His love and what He has for you. He wants to take the evil you endured and turn it into something beautiful.

In Romans 8:28 we are told, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

I want to lead you in prayer today as you seek God’s help with your struggles in healing. I know from experience He is a loving God and will show you. I ask that you trust me on this and allow Him to show you as well. I pray you come to the realization that He loves you and wants a relationship with you that will fill all the needs you have. I am praying right now for you, my friends, that you will seek and know the One True Living God, who loves you and wants to bless you.

This prayer is like ones that I prayed over the years as I was struggling. My guess is you feel some, if not all these things. I pray you come past these feelings and realize the truth just as I have after many years.

Father God,

I need You in my life. I cannot do this journey without You. Please open my heart to know You and all You have for me. I struggle to understand You after what I have been though. Please show me how and why You love me. Walk with me and be with me. Open my eyes to You all around me and bring people into my life to show me Your love. I am hurting and in need of healing. Please bring that to me today and in the days to come. Provide me with strength to make it through the dark valleys back into the light. I want a relationship with You God. I believe in You and ask that You guide me from now on.

In Jesus Name,


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