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Finding the Light

God’s light breaking through.

I went to the Easter service at my church yesterday, since we had some Saturday services to make more room on Sunday. As I worshipped. and listened to the message delivered, the song that was sung close to the end truly spoke to me.

It was called, “Light Breaking Through”, written by Lauren Lee Gruber, Brandon Coker, Jared Hamilton. I came home and pulled it up to listen to again and read the words. I wanted to share it with you and how it spoke to me.

There have been many days, years, where I didn’t “feel” God. I felt completely alone, and my heart hurt. We will not always “feel” God as we think we should as humans and that can be confusing. Plus, I didn’t think I was “good” enough for Him, despite what I had learned about His saving grace.

I prayed often to know God was with me, and to show me the light at the end of the tunnel. I am not very patient and so I wanted my answers right away. That is not how God works. He has no timetable.

As I reread some prayers recently that I wrote in my journal I realized He has begun to answer them.

It reminded me of the first verse of this song

“You do what only You can do
Replace my doubt, show me what’s true
Come do what only You can do
Erase my shame and make me new
More like You” 

I had prayed for God to help me see Him as a Father, and to give me a desire to seek Him and His word. To help me remember I am saved only by His grace and not anything I can do.

At the time, I expected that to happen by the next morning, but it didn’t. It has been a gradual process over the years.

As I’ve come to know Him more, I see the light I always craved. The light that only He can give.

“Even on the coldest night
There is still a warmth in sight
I can see the light breaking through
I can see the light breaking through
Even in the shadowed times
You don’t ever run and hide
I can see the light breaking through
I can feel the light breaking through”

No matter where we are, God is there. He is the light. It is His light that breaks through and gives us hope. That no matter what happens on this broken and sinful earth, we can trust He has made a way for all things to be made new when we enter heaven with Him. It has nothing to do with what we do, but it’s all about His amazing grace. We will never be good enough without it.

The next verse of the song was:

“Speak life, give peace in the unknown
Hold me, when I’m barely hanging on
I believe, I believe that hope will dawn
Remind my heart I’m not alone
I’m not alone”

I’ve been barely hanging on many times in my life. More than I care to remember, and yet He began to remind me of the hope in Him, and that I’m not alone. Possibly you are there today and need to know God is with you too. That He is the Light that gives you hope and will see you through.

As the bridge of the song says:

“Jesus, You’re redeeming all things, light is breaking through
Lies are fading, lost in mercy, light is breaking through
The weight is lifting, finally breathing, light is breaking through
Illuminated by Your splendor, light is breaking through”

One day, maybe not until heaven, we will be lost in mercy, with God’s light breaking through, and the weight we’ve felt in our lives lifting.

Praise God He is the ultimate hope! If you don’t know Him and want to, I encourage you to read my post, “Celebrating Easter”.

As I close today, I encourage you to listen to this song and if you need to, ask God to show you His light breaking through. I promise you that when you least expect it, He will.

Song: Light Breaking Through

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