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Giving Thanks Despite Trauma

Thank you God for Your blessings.

Winter arrived early again this year. Cold air and snowy roads met us before October turned to November. As I was driving home in the snow I realized I had not yet prepared my car for the winter ahead.

So many things to do. Put in gloves, extra socks, a blanket, shovel, and kitty litter in case I get stuck. Put in anti-freeze and washer fluid. Air up my tires.

Then, it hit me. At least I have a car to be worrying about all of this. Yes, very thankful and blessed to have transportation. Sometimes the little things get in the way of remembering our many blessings.

In my depression I want to think about all I don’t have, and that part of the reason is because of all the trauma I endured. Maybe you can relate. It is when my mind goes to the negative I have to be mindful and remember there is so much I am blessed with right now.

It all reminds me to prepare my heart as I would prepare my home or car for winter. Taking care of the needs, but also remembering all the blessings God has provided and given to me. Remembering what I do have instead of what I don’t. (Glass is half full instead of half empty.)

I am thankful…

…God continues to provide money for therapy and that my counselor has continued to see his clients in person in 2020.

…for my car that allows me the freedom to go where I need to and get what I need.

…for my home that I have been allowed to stay in where I feel safe and comfortable.

…for food, clothes, shoes and needed items to get through each day.

…the opportunity to serve the members of my community at my church food pantry while creating wonderful connections and friendships with others who serve.

I am reminded this week that God has provided so much and I am thankful to Him for it. I don’t tell Him enough that I am. Remembering the many things I have instead of what I don’t helps lift my spirits and brings me a measure of peace. I hope you’ll take time this week to write down and thank God for His many blessings as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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