Taking Care of Yourself

Stay healthy.

How are you doing right now? Are you taking care of yourself? There is a lot of extra stress for many with the election unknown and the lovely ‘rona virus still wreaking havoc on the way of life, economy, health care system, and people who contract it.

I do pray you are healthy and staying well right now. No one wants to be sick. Then, of course the holidays can be hard as well and we are in the middle of that season.

So, as we think about all going on, how are you taking care of yourself right now? Are you watching the news all day and allowing it to affect your mood and cause anxiety? You are more prone to depression, anxiety, and can get down faster than others because of trauma you endured.

As you face today and the days to come here a few things I have found helpful to keep on keeping on…

  1. Seek God first thing in the morning. Even if it’s just a couple minutes where you sit alone and call upon God to walk and be with you through the day. If you have time to read some scriptures. If you don’t know where to go try reading a chapter a day in John, Luke, or in the Psalms. David’s cries many times mimic our own.  Maybe start a prayer journal to record what and who to pray for and your prayers. Your notes app on your phone can work too.
  • Exercise a little every day. If you already do this possibly add a little bit at this time of year. Exercise helps you sleep better and is good for your body and brain.  A 20-30 minute walk outside at any pace is good. Listen to encouraging music while you do. There’s the K-Love app or the 88.5 app that are filled with Christian music and talk.
  • Don’t watch the news all day. You aren’t going to miss something important. You can find any speech given or results by looking it up on the internet or checking a news app. I only check mine about twice a day for no more than about 5 minutes each. I’ve found that’s my limit.
  • Limit your time on Facebook. I noticed early on in my FB experience that I would scroll for hours without realizing it. Not only did that make me feel unproductive, but it brought my mood way down. Depending on what people post you can have envy, jealousy, anger, or any other emotion that can be brought up and linger. You can set a timer on your phone and only give yourself that amount of time to prevent you from getting caught up.
  • As I mentioned while walking or exercising you could listen to music, but also while working around the house where many of us spend a lot of time lately. KLove radio – Christian radio – is available as a channel on the Roku or on your phone.
  • Keep your counseling appointments as often as possible. A separate set of eyes on your situation and life is incredibly helpful and of course seeing a professional is a key step to pursue healing of trauma.
  • Finally, if you need to go to the doctor or ER go. If you get chest pains or experience signs of a stroke seek immediate care. Don’t let the virus scare you away. Healthcare facilities and workers are experts at making sure you’ll be safe there. Getting the virus won’t matter if you die of a heart attack for not seeking treatment.

Hang in there my friends and take good care of yourself. Remember, no matter the outcome of the election our God is still on the throne. He’s not chewing His fingernails worried about what to do. Pray for our leaders and our nation no matter the result.

Many blessings to you,


© 2020 Susan M. Clabaugh. All Rights Reserved.

Susan is an author and speaker who loves to share her journey of God's redemption and encourage others as they look to God. As a former elemetary teacher with a passion for teaching, Susan also owns her own tutoring and consulting business where she empowers students and parents in reading. Susan lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri, with her adorable and grumpy Persian cat, Mia.

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