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About This Season Right Now

Each storm is different.

The world tends to say we’re all in this together right now. I disagree. We are all in storms but each is unique and different. Yours may be a category 4 hurricane and the next person a downpour.

I know one man who is able to withstand any storm. His name is Jesus and He calmed storms and walked on the water too.

He was man but also God. He still has the same ability today to reach out and catch us from drowning in the storm if we’ll let Him. He is simply waiting for each of us to ask Him to help.

God heard Jonah even when he prayed in the belly of a whale, just as we know God will hear us when we pray. Let’s come to Him today.

Father God,

I’m tired of the craziness in the word today. Every time I go somewhere and am told to wear a mask or be six feet apart I want to scream. I am in my own storm right now that others don’t understand. A storm that has been raging for years. You, however know better than anyone what I am going through every minute of the day. Thank you for carrying me through. I ask that You continue to guide and direct me and keep me safe and healthy so I can continue to heal and get better. Thank you for loving me.

In Jesus Name,


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