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I Don’t Want to Be More Alone – Isolation part IV

One step at a time.

The Stay at Home Order for the Kansas City metro area has been extended until May 15. That’s another month of isolation. I will admit it is getting to me emotionally. All of us are already familiar with isolation as it goes with recovering from trauma, but this makes life even harder.

Plus, the media and government seem bent on constantly bombarding us with numbers of fatalities. Why is that do you think? I’m not sure, but in case it is bringing you anxiety let’s take a look at some numbers. (And remember to limit viewing of news and social media right now.)

Every year 1.35 million people die in car wrecks. Current death toll worldwide from COVID-19 is 147,000. (As of April 17)

Every year 647,000 people in the US die of heart disease. Current death toll of COVID-19 in US is 30,000.

Every year there are approximately 47,173 suicide deaths in the U.S. Current death toll in US from COVID-19 is 30,000.

Do you see a news report remembering all the people dying of these other causes? Widespread panic to stop living our lives because people are going to drop of a heart attack or stroke? End up in a car wreck? No, we keep living our lives.

So, I’m not saying this isn’t serious or that we shouldn’t take some precautions, but keeping a perspective is key to tamping down anxiety and fear.

Since the world has closed down it’s hard to live life even if we want to because things are closed. My hair is getting too long and I need a massage to help my fibromyalgia, but all that will have to wait. I’m sure there are others needing a color, cut, perm, and other services.

So, as we continue hunkering down at home may we remember that as trauma survivors we’ve already made it through horrible times. We’ve endured trauma some people can’t begin to imagine. However, God has seen us through and is helping us heal. Remember that today, and in the days to come – especially if you’re home alone. God is always with you and He is faithful to see us through.

Sending this today with prayers for continued healing and that hopefully you are able to still see your therapist to make progress in recovery. Blessings to you my friends!



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Susan is an author and speaker who loves to share her journey of God's redemption and encourage others as they look to God. As a former elemetary teacher with a passion for teaching, Susan also owns her own tutoring and consulting business where she empowers students and parents in reading. Susan lives in Lee's Summit, Missouri, with her adorable and grumpy Persian cat, Mia.

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