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I Don’t Want to Be More Alone – How Can I Get Through Isolation? Part III

How can I take care of myself emotionally during this time?

So, we are in basically week 2 of what is being called a pandemic. How are you doing? I’m actually a little busier than I thought because I work at my churches food pantry. There’s a lot of need right now and we’re trying to help. However, I’m still home quite a bit.

Here are a few more ideas as you’re stuck at home and possibly more alone.

What to Do With My Time

  1. Writing is one way I use my time. It helps to get things out on paper. You can journal to yourself, to God, or even to your counselor. Maybe just writing out your feelings right now with everything going on, added to what you already deal with as at trauma survivor.


It doesn’t even have to be a fancy journal. The computer works, as does any paper you have. Although, I admit it helps me as I look back on previous entries to see the emotional progress I’m making.


Maybe it’s time to write some “Dear Letters” like I wrote to various people who have deserted me, not helped me and to those who have helped as well along this journey in recovery.


  1. Work a Sudoku, Crossword Puzzle, or Word Search to keep your mind sharp. There are apps, but you can also download some from online. Regular puzzles are good too if you have them at home.


  1. To lift your mood a little spend 5 or ten minutes looking at kitten or puppy videos or pictures online.


  1. Write actual letters to people!


  1. Try not to spend too much time on Facebook, News sites or TV news. Right now they can lead you into more depression and possibly anxiety.


  1. I don’t know if I’ll use this as I have a hard time asking people to help me out, but ask your friends or family to Facetime with you so you see each other as you talk.


  1. Find a video on YouTube for aerobics or yoga.


  1. Take a walk around the block. Breathe in the fresh air. Opening windows if it’s nice.


  1. Coloring books – if you don’t have one you can find one online or even an app you can color in color by number on your phone.

Again, if you have an idea leave it for everyone in comments or send me a message through contact me on my website.

One thing I have found about God is that it is during the darkest, most lonely times that I draw closer to Him. Maybe God is bringing our country to a revival we so desperately need through this virus. Hang in there my friends! Praying for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health during this time!



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