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I Don’t Want to Be More Alone – How Can I Get Through Isolation? Part II

Taking care of ourselves emotionally.

What to Do With My Time

  1. There are some great Christian podcasts out there you can get on your phone. One I’ve found that has several in their reserve already is “Ransomed Heart”. It’s by John Eldredge and sometimes his wife Staci. You can download the app from your app store onto your phone and have hours of great, encouraging messages.


  1. Most large churches have also gone online with the restrictions. Searching churches online or on Facebook can yield some great sermons as well. Abundant Life Lee’s Summit is my church and you can find it on Facebook or at (not com, just co.)


  1. When I first went on disability I took up loom knitting. I am not talented enough to knit with needles, but I ordered looms (Amazon or Michaels have them as well as yarn, and they ship to you.) I also keep an abundance of yarn on hand so I can work on projects. I knit scarfs, hats, and I’m working on a large afghan on an “S” loom right now. You can find all kinds of YouTube videos to show you how to knit on a loom. You can donate what you make to those in need or start on Christmas gifts. I found praying for the person who will wear what I’m making helps me keep a positive focus as I knit.


  1. Reading is a go to for me. I read a lot of Christian fiction. However, I get most of my books at the library – which are closed right now. That leaves the choice of eBooks on my small iPad (Not my favorite to stare at a screen, but it works.) You can even download a Kindle app on your phone and put eBooks on there as well. Audiobooks are another option that you can get through your library right now while they are closed.


  1. Other choices for reading include the one book most all of us always have – the Bible. If you’re not sure where to start, the book of John is a good place to begin. It tells about Jesus life and ministry. You get a great feel for Jesus in the book of John.


  1. Another book I’ll recommend is “Moving Mountains” by John Eldredge. It is a book on prayer. However, it is not a “you must do this!” book. It is the most real book on prayer I have found. It was the third book on prayer I opened and the only one I stuck with. It is leading me to pray in a whole new way.


  1. Being home more means maybe now would be the time to do many things you haven’t had time for or have put off. The deep cleaning, organizing. It is almost spring – so maybe it’s time to spring clean. Cleaning and organizing – having a more organized home actually helps with your mood. As do just the actions of cleaning.

I’ll try to post more ideas in the coming weeks. If you have an idea feel free to share in comments or shoot me a note on a “contact me” form found on my website.

Whatever your circumstance we know right now everyone is having to sacrifice time with others. For those of us who are trauma survivors though, it just adds another difficulty to our journey. I encourage you to find things you know help your mood and be extra conscious of how you’re feeling. Take care of yourself not only physically, but emotionally.

We can easily slip into major depression as trauma survivors and with that comes even more dangerous territory like suicidal thoughts and not caring about anything. It can also lead to us not taking care of our bodies and then we’re more prone to sickness, which is definitely not good right now. Hang in there! Continuing to pray for you all my dear friends!


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