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I Don’t Want to Be More Alone – How Can I Get Through Isolation? Part I

How do I stay out of depression right now?

Well, things just seem to get more interesting with each passing minute. Every time I turn around lately something else has closed or postpones for several weeks. It appears our lives are somewhat going “on hold” while we wait to see what happens with this virus.

I find it all extremely frustrating because I had finally begun to be more social after years of self-isolation. Then, all of a sudden I’m being told to isolate! I wrote about this Sunday, but as it gets even more evident that we will be more isolated than usual I thought maybe it would help to know you are not alone.

I have been praying for you and that your appointments with counselors and professionals that help you as you’re recovering, don’t get cancelled. We desperately need their support. The world simply doesn’t realize how hard it is to recover from trauma, but these professionals get it and therefore their support is critical.

I don’t like the term being used lately, “social distancing”. Don’t hug or touch someone else. There are critical needs met when we are touched and I worry our entire world is going to enter depression. I understand the basics of the recommendation, but you most likely know that having those needs met helps us emotionally. Hug yourself if you need to. If you have a stuffed animal or real pet cuddle with them. Meet those needs the best you can over the next few weeks to stay emotionally healthy.

So, as I find myself at home even more than usual – I have been considering and praying about how to use my time. I truly don’t want to sit in front of the TV all day every day. I did that for years at the beginning of recovery. It just makes me more depressed and isn’t healthy.

Therefore, I thought I’d share ideas of how all of us can spend our time during the next few weeks. If you aren’t working from home, or are but yet still alone then maybe one of these ideas will help.

Since this post for today is already kind of long I’ll put the ideas in another post. Stay healthy my friends and many blessings to each of you! Part II of “How Can I Get Through Isolation?” on the way!


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