God and Sexual Assault

Soaring on Wings like Eagles

In our weakness...

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

More things I cannot change about my life. I just received some medical news that frustrates me. I am 43 so I am not a young pup, but I shouldn’t be dealing with what I am dealing with yet. However, because medication I was given and surgery I am dealing with things earlier than I should have to.

Which brings me back to what I wrote about not long ago. Accepting things we cannot change. Then, I read in my devotional today about how it is good that we are weak, because when we are weak it forces us to have faith in God. To trust. To not lean on our own understanding.

Weakness in emotional as well as physical strength causes us to depend on God more. So, rather than looking at it as frustrating, I am looking at it today as a blessing. The road to recovery from sexual assault is draining on our minds, bodies, and emotions. We feel depleted and weak. Many days it seems there is no more strength left to go on. However, it’s actually a good place to be.

What if we had great emotional and physical strength right now? What if we were able to do this on our own? We would miss the joy of coming to know God more intimately and what it is like to truly trust. Trust. What we missed out on because of sexual assault.

God wants to teach us to trust Him. He’s using what we’ve been through to do just that. As humans we want to plan everything ahead of time, be independent and make sure we have enough money to survive as long as we need to. However, God, well, He has other ideas about getting us through this life.

God does not work like the world works. He does not depend on retirement plans, or whether we have money put away, He finds a way to provide for each of us. Yes, it is scarier than the “safe” road we would like to take, but it is also rewarding. It allows us to reach a more deep, intimate relationship with God.

I’m not saying having savings and retirement are bad, but He can work things out when we don’t have what the world has taught us we need. He is all powerful in or weakness. The road to recovery has left many of us in places in life where we didn’t expect to be. Out of work, on disability, with no retirement, no safety net, and with expenses for therapy and other professionals we seek help from.Hope soars

What God reminded me of today is when we do hope in Him we will renew our strength, we will soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint. He provides our strength and without Him we can’t make it through. I’m thankful I am weak today.


I need You today and each day. I am weak emotionally and physically. Provide me with Your strength to get me through each and every day and help me to keep depending on You to provide for my needs today and in the future. I want to soar on wings like eagles with You God. May You receive the glory.


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