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You Are Courageous

Working through our trauma.

My chiropractor knows a little bit of my history and when I saw him today he asked how I was doing. I briefly told him and he said, “You know, I understand you went through some horrible things as a child, but there comes a time when you just have to push it aside and move on with your life.”

Really? That’s all I have to do. Silly me I didn’t know it was so simple! Yes, note the sarcastic tone because it’s not that simple. We have to process our trauma or it will always be with us and most often keep us from being able to live. As is the case for many of us with PTSD.

I wanted to answer, “Yes!Not married or raising a family, spending my days alone and depressed, crying, in withdrawal from meds. Having nightmares and flashbacks, and in therapy processing through each event. Gosh, yes this is why I’m not working because my life is so wonderful!” Note more sarcasm.

Plus, why is it we should “get over” PTSD? Would, as a doctor, he tell a cancer patient to get over it?

People do not get what it takes or how long it takes to recover from trauma. So, today I’m here to tell you something maybe no one has ever told you. YOU ARE COURAGEOUS! For facing your life head on, not taking the easy way out. Recovery is indescribably hard and sometimes unbearable, but you’re doing it. You’re allowing God to turn ashes into beauty. Allowing Him to bring glory from the evil that was done in our lives.

No, we are not doing it alone. If God was not with us we would be a sinking ship. I have no idea how people survive without God and His strength. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phil. 4:13 I repeat it many times to remind myself it isn’t my strength which has to get me through this, but His. Thank goodness!

So, give yourself a hug today and though yes, we are depending on God and He is walking with us on this journey remember you are being courageous for choosing to go on the journey instead of burying it in the sand. Finding true healing is what God wants for us to be whole. To be who He made us to be and to use what we went through to bring Him glory.you are courageous

Thank you for being courageous on this journey and the next time someone tells you to forget about it, remember the true path to healing is through it, not around. Keep walking through the pain and trusting God to give you strength. Blessings to you! Remember you are not alone!

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