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Remembering to Be Thankful

What are you thankful for?

This past week I’ve been more down than usual. Feeling hopeless. When I get this way it helps me to think of things I am thankful for. What are the blessings God has provided me?

Then, today as I was reading the local news app I read a story about a local politician who took time off to get treatment for his PTSD. It talked about how he went to the VA and “talked and talked until it just didn’t bother him anymore.” When I read that it made me cringe.

It reminds me of how many people, even in the medical profession, don’t know how to truly treat PTSD. For so long I thought my psychiatrist was treating me with medication, but he was really treating my symptoms. There’s a big difference.

To work through trauma you have to process what happened. This includes more than talking about what happened. It is not a fun process. You basically relive the experience. I have mentioned techniques for processing trauma before, like sensorimotor therapy, EMDR, and havening. I put links to them again. I have used all three and havening has worked the best out of the three for me with trauma from my sexual abuse and rapes. EMDR worked for a car accident I had. There may be others, please feel free to share.

What leaves me extremely thankful today is that God led me to a therapist that has extensive training in trauma therapy and knows how to help me process through all that happened to me. He knows it takes more than just talking. Though we do a lot of talking in therapy too. I truly thank God my first three therapists didn’t work out and in desperation I called my current therapist. None of the others knew how to help me.

I hope and pray that by me sharing how I have learned what it takes to work through my trauma you will be able to find who you need to help you work through yours.

So what else do we have to be thankful for today?

The sun is shining. My air conditioning is working! I have books to read! I have a home, clothes, shoes, and food. I am thankful God is providing while I’m healing.

What are you thankful for today?


Thank you for continuing to provide as I heal and recover. Please help me continue to process my trauma so I can get better. Help me become the person You want me to be. May my healing and this journey bring You glory.


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