Love Letters from God

Love Letters from God Part IV

Dear Child,

love letters from GodDear Child,

I know you are tired and hurting, and yes it saddens me. I do not want My children to hurt. I promise I will get you through this time in your life. You are not alone even though you feel everyone has left you. I promise I have not left you once. Never.

I am using this time to mold you into someone who you will not recognize, but who I have known was there all along because I created you. I am making you stronger. So hold on tight even when it seems dark and you can’t feel or hear Me. I promise I am always there with you. Trust me. I am the One who will never let you down.

There is nothing you can do or not do to make me love you anymore or any less than I do right now. I always have and always will love you. You are My child. I am not like any earthly parent you have ever known. I am the one Father you can always count on to love you unconditionally.

To walk by your side. To hold you close.

Never doubt that I hear you anytime, any hour of any day. Though I may appear silent, I promise I will answer. It just may not be what you expect. But I promise it will be for your good. I want you to know today that I’m with you. I’ve never left you once in your life. I promise I will continue to walk with you or carry you through this life until I welcome you in heaven.

With all My love,







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