Love Letters from God

Love Letters From God – Part III

Dear Child,

love letters from GodDear Child,

Your days have been extremely difficult lately. I know more than anyone how hard they have been. I know your pain, heartache, loss, rejection, and abandonment. No one on earth with you knows exactly what you are going through like I do.

I am with you through every second of every day. Not just from the moment you get up until you sleep, but through the night as well. I am there when you wake in terror from a nightmare and I know what it was about. I know you feel alone, but cry out to me because I am there.

I have never left you, nor will I. I am with you always and will be until you join me here in heaven. When you are struggling to make it through the day, I am there with you closer than any human being could ever be.

You can cry with me, yell out in anger, or just talk to me. I understand why you have these emotions. I created them. I am not mad at you for having them and I know why you have them. At this very moment I am continuing to heal you. I know you want to be “whole” in your eyes right now, but know you are perfect to me just as you are.

I am working out my plan for you each and every day and I will use your circumstances for good and for My glory. You will be amazed what will come out of what you think right now is a huge mess in your life.

I know it is difficult for you to trust but I’ve got this. All the details. Just let Me take over and stop trying to have control. You have a strong willed spirit which I gave to you to help you through tough times, but use it with Me, not against Me. Allow Me to control the timeline for your healing. I promise you I will never leave you.

Know I love you beyond what you can even imagine. Try to take that in. I LOVE YOU. No matter what. FOREVER. Hold on to Me. Rest in Me. Don’t give up so you can experience the great joy of living life with Me.

I love you my child. Never, ever forget it. You are not alone.






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2 comments on “Love Letters From God – Part III

  1. Thank you for this post. I shared it with another struggling person this morning.

  2. I’m glad it was of some help.

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