Love Letters from God

Love Letters From God – Part II

Dear Child,

love letters from God

Writing this has been a journey similar to the one we are all on. God only revealed parts of it at a time, but when He was finished and as I read it now I can see how His plan fit together. Like our recovery will if we allow Him to lead us through each step no matter how small. One day we will be able to see how He worked out His perfect plan for our lives.


Dear Child,

I know you are hurting deeply. You have been wounded by so much in this life. You are not alone in your pain. I feel it too. I am with you. I am the One who understands what you are enduring right now more than any person you can encounter.

You have even been wounded by My own people and they have said things about you because you speak truth about your past, but it still pierces your heart. My own people have done things to make you feel you are unworthy of My love for you.

But remember even those who know Me are not perfect and will make mistakes. Though it does not take away the hurt or your feelings of unworthiness. Always remember My love for you is freely given and nothing you do or don’t do can earn it.

I understand you feel too broken to be fixed, but I am the great Healer. I did not stop healing when I healed the blind man and bleeding woman 2000 years ago. I continue every minute of every day all around the world.

Allow Me to continue to heal you too. I see all your wounds and though you want Me to fix them all right now I want you to be able to share your journey and My love with others. I promise I will supply all your needs for this journey and your life which lies beyond it.

I am well pleased you have been seeking Me in your recovery. That you long to be closer to me as I do to you, but my love is not dependent on this. I am the One who can truly see your heart.

I know Your deepest desires are to be loved and accepted and know that in me you already are and always will be loved and accepted by Me. I sent you my Son so you can be certain of this.

As you continue to recover from the sins which people have done against you remember I am walking hand in hand with you and when you need me to I am carrying you. I know better than you know that you cannot fully understand my love for you, but I am patient and will always be here so keep seeking Me.

If all you can do is cry I will listen and hold you. Even in your anger and bitterness about your circumstances and ways others have treated you I do not judge you. I am the One who understands for I gave you the ability to feel so deeply. Just continue to seek me and I will continue to heal all the broken pieces.

Let me love on you. I will get you through this life. I promise. You’re never forgotten or alone.

I love you always,





A friend recommended a book to me recently which has been very helpful. I have not finished it yet, but so far it has hit the mark on what I needed to hear.

Many of us have been wounded by people who know God and that makes it even harder to understand what they have done to us. The book is called Wounded by God’s People by Ann Graham Lotz. You can find it by clicking on the link I have provided or at your local library.

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  1. Linda M. Ellis

    WOW! SOOO needed to hear this today. Thx ever so much for letting HIM use you…

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